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Zumtobel Group and Active'Invest have signed the contract for long-term strategic partnership
  • The contract for the transfer of the Les Andelys plant of Zumtobel Group to the French industrial group Active'Invest has been signed
  • Zumtobel Group and Active'Invest are thus entering into a long-term strategic partnership
  • Active'Invest further expands its product range in the energy market
  • Zumtobel Group improves the capacity utilization of its plants and its competitiveness

Dornbirn, Austria – The contract for the sale of the Zumtobel Group's Les Andelys plant to the French industrial group Active'Invest has been successfully concluded. As already announced in December 2016, Zumtobel Group and Active’Invest are thus entering into a long-term strategic partnership. For Zumtobel Group, the aim of the cooperation is to realign the global production network and improve capacity utilization and competitiveness. Active'Invest, on the other hand, is continuing to expand its product range in the energy market. About 40 employees working in research and development and other corporate functions will continue to be part of the Zumtobel Group in Les Andelys, while more than 200 employees will be transferred to Active’Invest.

Active’Invest is an industrial group that successfully develops, manufactures and markets products in the energy, telecommunications and environment sectors. In order to further expand its position in the energy market, Active’Invest has founded Europhane SAS, a new outdoor lighting company in which Zumtobel Group retains a 10% minority stake. The latter will be based in the Les Andelys plant, which will continue to produce Outdoor lighting products for the Zumtobel Group. This means that the production will not be disrupted and Zumtobel Group will maintain its level of performance and service. As part of the agreement, Active’Invest will distribute lighting products for the Zumtobel Group in Overseas France (DOM-TOM), Portugal, Caribbean Islands, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Iran.

Urs Stieger, Président Directeur General of Zumtobel Lighting France SAS, says: "We are very pleased that the signing of the purchase agreement seals the strategic partnership between Active’Invest and Zumtobel Group. The negotiations were conducted with great determination and foresight and have now reached a mutually beneficial conclusion. "

André Papoular, EVP Outdoor Lighting of the Zumtobel Group, says: “Thanks to the cooperation with Active’Invest and the newly formed company Europhane SAS, we will continue to be able to meet our high quality standards in the long term and thus meet the specific requirements of our customers.”

Gilles Roland, Chairman of the Active’Invest Group, says: "The negotiations with the Zumtobel Group were very satisfactory. We are pleased that this has resulted in a cooperation that brings so many advantages for both companies and our customers. It is a special opportunity for us to expand our product portfolio in the energy sector together with a strong partner such as the Zumtobel Group. We want to develop the Les Andelys plant further, taking advantage of synergies with our other operations."

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