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Surfing for interesting information on the web can take a lot of effort if one visits many different websites. With RSS you can make your search for information easier: news from different websites can be "subscribed to", if they are provided in RSS format.

To be able to subscribe to and read RSS feeds, you need a RSS newsreader. The RSS newsreader is a central site where the subscribed information sources can be picked up easily.

RSS - News

RSS Feeds of the Zumtobel Group

If you want to subsribe to our news feeds in order to stay informed about the activities of the Zumtobel Group and its brands, simply copy one of the RSS links below and insert it into your RSS newsreader. If you don't yet have a newsreader, visit one of the links on the right hand side in order to download one.
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Further information on RSS:

RSS is a standard for the exchange of news. It stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is used to provide content from websites – primarily news – in machine-readable form.

An RSS document consists of only "content", or the actual text of a page without design and layout elements. Therefore, an RSS document can be read regardless of the platform.

Offers in RSS format are called news feeds or RSS feeds. 

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