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You have questions – we have the answers.

You want to make your passion for light a profession within the Zumtobel Group. You have already read about your prospectives and advantages on our Website.

But there are still some questions left – here you will find the answer.

General questions

1. Who do I contact if I have any questions?
You can find your contact's name under "Contact".

2. How can I apply?
We prefer to receive applications via our online application tool. This has advantages both for us and for you (e.g. it guarantees prompt feedback).

3. What is the main address for applications?
Please apply using our online application tool.

4. Can I apply on my own initiative?
If no suitable positions are advertised, you are also welcome to apply on your own initiative, in which case it is of utmost importance that you tell us what position you are seeking and in which division, as otherwise it is difficult for us to allocate vacancies and to know exactly what you are looking for in a future position.

Application tips

1. What should my final application look like?

Your final application should include:

- a cover letter
- a curriculum vitae
- your most recent leaving certificate/diploma / a reference from your last employer


2. What should my cover letter contain?

You should introduce yourself and give an idea of who you are and why you want to change jobs:

- How did the position being advertised/our company come to your attention?
- Why are you interested in our company?
- Why are you interested in the position?
- Why are you suited to the position?


3. What is important in terms of my CV?

You should give a resumé of your career to date in a clearly laid-out format (table). Your CV should include the following information:

- your personal details
- details of your education
- details of your career
- information on further training, especially if relevant to the position in question
- for male applicants, information on military service
- information on hobbies
- where applicable, an indication of your salary expectations


4. Do I need to include a photo with the application?

A photo is not absolutely necessary, but we are always pleased to receive one.


Questions on the application procedure

1. How does the selection procedure work?

First of all we compare the applicant's profile with the job profile. Then we contact applicants whose profile best matches the position being advertised and invite them to attend an interview. The main purpose of the interview is to ascertain if your personality is suited to the job in question and if you will fit in with the team and our corporate culture. We believe that technical skills can also be learned on the job. An applicant's personality gives us an idea of whether the future employee will enjoy and be committed to their job and will find their "calling" with us.


2. How long does the application procedure take?

As this is about you, we naturally take our time to examine your application in detail, but we do try to give you prompt feedback on your application.


Questions about the online application tool

1. What does the message "This e-mail is already registered" mean?
It means that a user has already used this e-mail address to register in our online application tool. Perhaps you have already applied for a job with us in the past? You can request your access details in the log-in section.

2. I have forgotten my password.
Don't worry, you can request your password at any time in the log-in section. The password will be sent straight away to the e-mail address which you used to register.

3. Can I interrupt the online application process?
No, but it is only a very short application form. However, you can upload new attachments any time after you have sent in your application.

4. What happens if my candidate profile changes during the application process?
Changes to your candidate profile take immediate effect.

5. What happens once I have applied?
Your documents are sent directly to our HR Department, which will shortly e-mail you an acknowledgment of receipt. The HR Department will check all your documents and pass your application to the division that advertised the vacancy, which will decide who to invite to an interview.

6. Can I withdraw my application?
If you wish to withdraw your application, please go to "My Applications" and click on the recycle bin next to the job. 

7. How can I block my profile or delete my data?
If you wish to block your profile or delete data, please click on "Delete my Profile" in the menu item "Home".

8. What attachments can I send with my application?
If you apply using our online application tool, you can attach a cover letter, a CV and up to three other files to your application. Please do not exceed 50 MB in total. All current file formats are supported, although we prefer pdf and jpg files.

9. What will happen to my data?
Your data will be electronically processed and sent to the relevant HR officer, who will carefully check your documents and then send them to the division. All data which you send us will be treated in confidence.

10. How are my data protected?
Please read our privacy statement.

11. What browsers are supported?
Our online application tool supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. 
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