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Ad-hoc Announcement: Zumtobel AG / Capital increase from approved conditional capital
In its resolution of 20 February 2008, the Managing Board partly exercised its authorisation to resolve a conditional capital increase in order to offer stock options to employees, executives and members of the board of the company or of an affiliated company, and resolved to effect a conditional share capital increase of EUR 607,500 from its current level of EUR 111,760,860.00 by issuing up to 243,000 new no-par-value common voting bearer shares, each representing a pro rata amount of EUR 2.50. The increase will only be effected to the extent that the employees, executives and board members to whom stock options have been offered exercise their subscription rights (para. 159 section 3, Austrian Stock Corporation Act AktG).

The Managing Board was authorised in this respect by the extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of 7 April 2006. The authorisation remains in force within five years after registration of the respective change in the the Articles of Association, which took place on 13 April 2006. In line with this authorisation, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, the Managing Board may resolve a conditional capital increase for the above-mentioned purpose, in one or several tranches, up to a maximum of EUR 3,312,840.00 by issuing up to 1,325,136 new no-par-value common voting bearer shares against cash contribution and may determine the issuing price and the terms of issue.

The report of the Managing Board in accordance with para. 159 section 3 in conjunction with section 2 subsection 3 Austrian Stock Corporation Act (AktG) has today been published on the company's website under "Investor Relations" at A note concerning this publication and the availability of the report of the Managing Board for inspection at the company's premises has also been published today in the Federal Gazette of Wiener Zeitung.

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