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Zumtobel Group wins 2007 IVA "David" Award
In Vienna yesterday, the Austrian investors' association IVA (Interessensverband für Anleger) presented the Zumtobel Group with its "David" award. The Group's Head of Investor Relations, Christian Hogenmüller, stepped up to receive the award at a presentation ceremony in the Austrian capital. This annual award is presented to companies and individuals who have made substantial contributions to fostering the culture of the capital markets and demonstrated shareholder-friendly behaviour. In the case of the Zumtobel Group, the award comes in recognition of the Group's professional and exemplary investor relations work and of the Private Investors' Day staged in Vienna on 18 September 2007. It was the compact and comprehensive form in which the Group informed investors about its activities and the effective way in which it addressed the target group of private investors that impressed the IVA jury.

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