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Change in the total number of votes / Release according to article 93 BörseG
Zumtobel AG announces that at the end of the month August 2009 the number of voting rights amounts to a total of 43,500,000 voting rights. The change of the total voting rights is effective as of 20th August 2009.

Within the context of the authorisation provided by the Annual General Meeting, of Zumtobel AG held on July 24, 2009, 1.204.344 shares of the companys treasury stock have been cancelled. As a result, the share capital of Zumtobel AG has been reduced from EUR 111,760,860 to EUR 108,750,000, effective 20th August 2009. The share capital is now divided into a total of 43,500,000 shares (previously: 44,704,344 shares).

The Articles of Association of Zumtobel AG have been correspondingly changed.

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