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Zumtobel AG / Announcement pursuant to § 93 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act
Dornbirn, 6 July 2010. AUGMENTOR private foundation (4,205,752 shares), ASTERIX private foundation (4,121,752 shares), GWZ private foundation (1,044,660 shares), Hektor private foundation (2,310,180 shares), ORION private foundation (3,090,752 shares), Ingrid Reder (264,088 shares), Fritz Zumtobel (176,088 shares) and Jürg Zumtobel (144,248 shares) are parties to a syndicate agreement. This agreement requires the parties to agree on voting behaviour prior to a general meeting, and to also designate a representative for the exercise of these voting rights on behalf of all parties in accordance with the syndicate’s decisions.

Zumtobel AG was informed by the Zumtobel family syndicate that the capital decrease as of 20 August 2009 led to an increase in the voting rights held by the members of the syndicate agreement to 35.3% (15,357,520 shares of 43,500,000 total shares as of 2 July 2010).

Austrian law requires a public announcement by a corporation when the stake held by a shareholder exceeds or falls below a certain threshold (i.e. 35%).

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Head of Investor Relations
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