Code of Conduct

The basis on which we do business
The Zumtobel Group has created this Code of Conduct in order to establish global standards of conduct that apply to all Zumtobel Group employees.

By maintaining the highest ethical standards we lay the foundations for sustained progress in the Zumtobel Group’s competitiveness and market position.

Our Corporate Values and this Code of Conduct help us to make the right decisions and to act in a fair, trustworthy and impartial manner at all times, towards both our internal colleagues and our external partners.

Human rights and labour standards
The Zumtobel Group’s Code of Conduct stipulates that compliance with the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO: Glossary) is absolutely mandatory. In order to review compliance with these standards, an extensive enquiry involving the managers of all subsidiaries throughout the world who must confirm this compliance is conducted every year. Other areas covered by the enquiry include human rights, fringe benefits, the health and safety of employees and many other issues. Depending on the needs of local employees, many subsidiaries pay various voluntary fringe benefits, including allowances or company schemes for medical, accident or life insurance.
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Equal opportunity and diversity
The Zumtobel Group does not tolerate discrimination in any form whatsoever. Accordingly, all personnel decisions are based on performance and qualifications. Around 34% of the Zumtobel Group’s workforce is female; the Group does not operate target quotas for appointing female employees to management positions.

Achieving a good mix of all age groups and hence a balanced age structure in the organisation is a major concern for the company.

The Zumtobel Group attaches great importance to internationalism and interculturality, not least because of its global growth strategy. Short-term exchange programmes and longer-term foreign assignments offer employees attractive development opportunities. This is backed up by language courses and intercultural training sessions as well as various activities intended to facilitate the integration of international employees.

The Zumtobel Group operates on the basis of a uniform remuneration system that is designed to ensure high levels of transparency and performance-related pay. As a rule, company pay is in excess of statutory or collectively agreed rates. Internal and external salary comparisons are performed to make sure that wages and salaries are in line with market  rates. The Zumtobel Group also pays wages that are above the legally stipulated minimum wage in countries where wage levels are lower.

The rules regarding variable pay for middle and senior management were modified in May 2012. Sliding variable pay scales over three years with tiers that are based on the extent to which targets for the respective year are fulfilled make sure that managers focus on sustainable decision-making.

Pay is basically classified by systematic grading; this ensures that remuneration is in line with technical qualifications and also fair and appropriate. This also excludes the possibility of any gender-specific unfairness.


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