Research & Development

Forschung & Entwicklung
Strategy and challenges
Thanks to the development and use of new technologies, Research & Development (R & D) is a decisive success factor for the Zumtobel Group’s global growth strategy. The key areas on which R & D activities focus are derived from lighting’s “functional change”: light source, optic, control gear and lighting control system. Crucial subjects include: LEDs and OLEDs in the case of light sources, new optical concepts for directing light in the case of LEDs, new control gear for operating LEDs and OLEDs and fresh approaches to the management of lighting installations. These key areas of research create possible ways in which the company can differentiate itself from competitors in terms of lighting quality, energy efficiency, additional benefits and intelligence. Within the Zumtobel Group, R & D therefore adds sustainability to the innovation process.
NH_2013_FE_Technologischer Wandel
Technological change
The R & D department continues, as in previous years, to be heavily impacted by LED technology; conventional technology is becoming less important.  One of the greatest challenges in this respect is short life cycles which demand fast and increasingly rapid development processes and sharply increased R & D expenditure. Development work must take into account the ongoing development of LEDs in design terms, including a shift from LED to OLED technology. This is accompanied by the need for greater systems skills, more exacting quality requirements and ever fiercer competition.
An extensive war chest of patents in the field of new technologies protects the Zumtobel Group’s brands’ growth, competitive edge and access to strategic cooperation with other companies.
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