Quality management

Quality and safety
The Zumtobel Group is committed to the superlative levels of quality. Quality means much more than just defect-free manufacturing, it also means uniform processing and service quality across all divisions of the company world-wide. The Group aspires to supply customers with the products they want fulfilling the functions they require at the right time plus all requisite services. The Zumtobel Group has equally high expectations when it comes to its suppliers’ quality.

As part of their continuous improvement efforts, all the brands strive to eliminate redundant processes, reduce waste and rejects due to manufacturing defects and avoid unnecessary transport, thus using resources sparingly. This minimises external and internal costs as well as environmental impacts.

The brands employ a wide variety of methods and inspection measures in order to constantly improve process quality and, hence, product quality as well. Great emphasis is placed on Total Quality Management (TQM:Glossary) and Lean Six Sigma  (LSS:Glossary).

Because the quality of a product is basically defined by the customers’ requirements and the way in which they perceive the product, the Zumtobel Group sees complaints as an opportunity to enhance product quality.

The Zumtobel Group's Enterprise Policy comprises the quality, environmental as well energy policy.


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