Production and the supply chain

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In-process environmental protection
The Zumtobel Group sets great store by environmental protection. Environmental protection is a paramount concern, not only with regard to developing energy-efficient products, but also in relation to environmentally-friendly manufacturing. This includes dealing with resources prudently and efficiently and avoiding and preventing emissions and waste throughout the entire life cycle of each product.

The concept of environmental protection is enshrined in Zumtobel’s and Thorn’s Code of Conduct, environmental protection, health & safety and quality guidelines and in Tridonic’s company policy.

Transport and logistics
Efficient transport logistics reduces the consumption of resources, cuts emissions and costs and ensures that all products are delivered to the right place at the right time. Almost all transport activities in the Zumtobel Group are outsourced from external service providers in order to enable us to react quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions of the kind brought about by technological change among other factors.

All the brands use logistic networks in order to ensure efficient transport logistics. These transport networks have a central hub (HUB: Glossary) and improve both freight fill rates and efficiency. Double-stacking (Glossary) also optimises cargo space utilisation in case of shipment between hubs.

Supplier management
For the Zumtobel Group, a sustainable supply chain means long-term supplier relationships built on mutual trust and fairness. These relationships help the Zumtobel Group safeguard security of supply for all raw materials and intermediate products in an economically,

The global procurement market continues to be shaped by economic uncertainties, sharply fluctuating demand and the effects of volatile currency exchange rates as well as increasing shortages of raw materials. At the same time, technological change is making procurement increasingly complex and making it necessary to adapt processes because, alongside traditional lighting technology, fast growing LED technology, which involves significantly shorter life cycles, also has to be catered for.  The Zumtobel Group's defined procurement strategies ensure maximum security of supply and minimise risks posed by unforeseen events.

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