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Arbeiten in der Zumtobel Gruppe
Challenges and strategy
The Zumtobel Group is countering the challenges brought by technological change with a sustainable, responsible HR policy. The qualifications of existing employees, recruiting fresh talent and training colleagues to tackle new markets are among the biggest challenges the Group faces. Besides personal and professional staff development, performance-related pay, full integration into internal networking and corporate values that are lived up to lay the foundation for long-term business success.
Employee development meeting
The employee development meeting is an important tool for improving cooperation between employees and their line managers. This structured meeting is used to develop a shared understanding of values, corporate strategy and objectives, compare each other’s expectations and identify development potential systematically. Employee development measures are defined jointly in accordance with individuals’ needs.
University partnerships and job fairs
Cooperation with educational establishments plays a vital role in the recruitment of up-and-coming junior employees. This also enables the company to benefit from two-way knowledge transfer. All the brands have been collaborating closely with schools, technical colleges and universities, especially in the fields of technical training, architecture and engineering, for many years. All the brands offer internships and help with thesis work in many locations.

Partnerships include:
Higher Technical Electrical Engineering Training Institute Rankweil/AT, University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Vorarlberg/AT, Technical University Graz/AT, UAS Rapperswil/CH, University of Liechtenstein/LI, Technical University Darmstadt/DE, University of Constance/DE, Technical University Berlin/DE, Technical University of Jönköping/SE, Newcastle University/UK, Dalian Polytechnic University/CN

You can read about a few examples of cooperation in Career news

Internal and external further training programmes
The Zumtobel Group promotes employee development for its staff all over the world.

Besides external further training courses, employees also have the opportunity to attend an extensive range of internal training courses. In the specialised brand academies, course content includes brand-specific skills, primarily for sales and marketing staff, e.g. technologies, applications, customers’ requirements, but also energy efficiency and sustainable lighting solutions. All the brands provide a varied range of further training opportunities that are intended to ensure efficient processes and improve employees’ technical skills.

The Zumtobel Group selectively promotes junior staff who have outstanding abilities. The “Our Leaders Make the Difference” initiative which underwent further development in 2012 is an integral induction process that places emphasis on values, an understanding of leadership and management tools.

One focus of interest intended to ensure more sustainable further education is developing in-house communication skills to reinforce our “Learning from each other” corporate value (Partnership).

Within the framework of corporate training, management, methodological and social skills are provided.

The online training offering is constantly being expanded given the significant savings it yields in terms of time, travelling and costs and the larger number of potential participants.

NH_2013_Beruf und Familie
Balancing career and family
The Zumtobel Group offers its employees as much support as possible to balance their career and family life. The company supports part-time working and working from home for instance.  The company actively supports the reintegration of fathers and mothers who return to work after maternity and parental leave.
NH_2013_Integration_Menschen mit Behinderung
Integration of individuals with disabilities
The Zumtobel Group wants to make a contribution towards integrating handicapped youths and promoting the gainful employment of handicapped adults. The best possible assistance is provided to employees with physical impairments in individual companies of the Zumtobel Group. Where we are not able to achieve the legal quota for disabled employees at a specific facility, the Zumtobel Group pays the stipulated compensation.
Occupational safety
Preventing accidents and safety in the workplace are important aspects of a company’s responsibility. All the brands observe specific environmental, health and safety guidelines that are monitored by local safety officers. The occupational health and safety management systems of the Tridonic plants in Dornbirn and Innsbruck have achieved certification in accordance with the internationally recognised OHSAS 18001 Standard.

TRI rates are surveyed every month in all plants. All incidents, regardless of their effects, are included in the calculations. The most frequent  injuries are those caused by cuts. In the medium term, the Zumtobel Group is aiming to reduce the TRI rate to 10. The LTI rate is also measured in order to differentiate industrial accidents according to severity.

OHSAS 18001, TRI rate, LTI- rate: go to Glossary.

Promoting health in the workplace
Preventive health protection is not only a social obligation, it is also an expression of a responsible corporate culture. All the brands in the Zumtobel Group offer their employees various preventive healthcare and counselling services. The Zumtobel Group also encourages its employees to indulge in sporting activities by providing a varied range of opportunities to play sports.
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