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Change at Zumtobel’s Shareholder Structure / Release according to article 93 para. 2 BörseG: BlackRock Inc. holds more than 4% of voting rights in Zumtobel AG
Dornbirn, June 17, 2014 – Zumtobel AG (VSE: ZAG) has been informed by BlackRock Inc., in accordance with articles 91, 91a BörseG, that Blackrock’s share of the voting rights in Zumtobel AG exceeded the 4% threshold on June 12, 2014. A total of 4.18% of the voting rights are now attributable to Blackrock, which relate to 1,816,707 of the issued shares (43,500,000) of Zumtobel AG. The shareholding breaks down as follows:

+ 1.18% of the voting rights are allotted to 512,610 shares of Zumtobel AG

+ 3.00% of the voting rights are allotted to contracts for difference (CFD) related to 1,304,097 shares of Zumtobel AG

The voting rights and financial instruments are indirectly attributable to BlackRock Inc., based in London, UK, through its controlled undertaking BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited.
Under Austrian law a company needs to announce if the stake of a shareholder exceeds or falls below a specific level (e.g. 4%, 5% or 10%).

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