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Change at Zumtobel’s Shareholder Structure / Release according to article 93 para. 2 BörseG: Lazard Freres Gestion (LFG) holds less than 4% of voting rights in Zumtobel AG
Dornbirn, July 11, 2014 – Zumtobel AG (VSE: ZAG) has been informed by Lazard Freres Gestion (LFG), in accordance with articles 91, 91a BörseG, that LFG’s share of the voting rights in Zumtobel AG fell below the 4% threshold on July 2, 2014. A total of 3.98% of the voting rights are now attributable to LGF, which relate to 1,729,200 of the issued shares (43,500,000) of Zumtobel AG. The shareholding breaks down as follows:

+ 0.19% of the voting rights or 81,000 shares of Zumtobel AG are directly held by LFG

+ 3.79% of the voting rights or 1,648,200 shares of Zumtobel AG are indirectly attributable to LFG, through the delegated voting rights of SICAV Objectif Small Caps Euro

Under Austrian law a company needs to announce if the stake of a shareholder exceeds or falls below a specific level (e.g. 4%, 5% or 10%).

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