Dr Walter Zumtobel Award

In the two categories Innovation and Values
Dr. Walter Zumtobel Award
The Dr. Walter Zumtobel Award (DWZA) is an internal award of the Zumtobel Group. It is aimed at all company employees and is awarded in two categories: Innovation and Values.

Values and innovations are essential for the group and each of the brands. Values and innovation are closely associated within the Zumtobel Group and are also mutually dependent. Values shared by all employees create a sense of community and promote team spirit in the company. They are also the foundation for innovative thinking and action as new ideas and products always require team work.

The Zumtobel Group’s company values – Passion, Performance, Partnership – are based on the traditional values of the company founder Dr. Walter Zumtobel. At the same time, they are redefined for the future which ensures that the entrepreneurial spirit of the early years lives on in the company values today and in the Dr. Walter Zumtobel Award.
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