Zumtobel Group Whistleblower System

As an international lighting group, the Zumtobel Group always strives to meet the highest business and ethical standards. That’s why the Zumtobel Group’s whistleblower system provides all stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders etc.) with a secure reporting and communication system for potentially serious violations of compliance issues as well as data protection security.

This reporting channel is – if desired – completely anonymous and secure. This platform should primarily be used if other escalation mechanisms have not led to sufficient clarification or do not seem feasible.

Compliance violations concern conduct or circumstances in which the law, the rules of the Code of Conduct or other guidelines are violated or whose violation is suspected. These can be corruption, fraud, sabotage, breaches of capital market compliance, environmental, health and safety regulations, data protection, intellectual property and human rights as well as labour law-related or other serious breaches of binding internal guidelines.

Please only pass on information which, to the best of your knowledge, is true.

You can access the Zumtobel Group whistleblower system here: Link

If you have any questions regarding the use of the whistleblower system, please e-mail


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