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Zumtobel Group employees make Christmas wishes of Vorarlberger Kinderdorf come true
  • Employees donate Christmas gifts to the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf
  • All Zumtobel Group sites in Dornbirn involved
  • 124 Christmas wishes fulfilled

Dornbirn, Austria – For the third year in a row, numerous employees took part in the pre-Christmas campaign for the benefit of the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf with donating gifts. The voluntary campaign was once again organised and realised by the employees of Zumtobel Group.

For this purpose, Christmas trees were set up at the Zumtobel Group sites in Dornbirn, which were decorated with the children’s individual designed Christmas wish lists and have been in the center of attention during the last three weeks. The employees could take a wish card from the tree and therefore put a wrapped present underneath it.

Thus the staff of Zumtobel Group fulfilled 124 little heart’s desires of children from the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf. Among the presents there were pocket torches, shoes, various toys and gift cards.

“We are delighted with the amount of joy our colleagues have shown for the third time in a row in implementing the Christmas campaign. Our decorated Christmas trees and the many gifts let us feel the magic of Christmas also at workplace. However, the most beautiful thing is the idea of great pleasure we can give to the children,” says Patrick Lorenz from the campaign’s initiator team.

The presents will be handed over to the support team of the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf next week to ensure that the children receive their fulfilled Christmas wishes in time for Christmas Eve.

“Writing a wish list to Santa Clause is still something very mysterious for children. Listening into oneself, being attentive to the desire’s character as well as formulating and shaping it creatively. Taking the time to design the card does not mean consuming it without any relation but getting into the mood for the upcoming festivity and telling oneself carefully what I would be happy about. In the focus are the magic of Christmas and the given attention by the donors. We sincerely thank the employees of the Zumtobel Group for taking care of the Christmas ritual in such a wonderful and loving way,” say Verena Dörler and Sylvia Steinhauser of the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf.

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The first presents underneath one of Zumtobel Group’s Christmas trees.
The first presents underneath one of Zumtobel Group’s Christmas trees.
Two of the . . .
Two of the  . . .
. .  124 wish lists for Christmas.
. . . 124 wish lists for Christmas.
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